Ford Motors

Ford Motor Time to Buy the Stock? To be straight up No not for me there are too many concerns about owning the Ford Motor Stock right now. To be fair its not all Ford Motors fault either. We have inflation problems so higher interest rates, higher prices on new cars, and Supply Chain Problems […]

Vroom Time to Buy?

Vroom Inc. (VRM) Could Be Sitting On A Goldmine Vroom Inc. (NASDAQ:VRM) concluded the trading at $1.84 on Wednesday, July 20 with a rise of 9.52% from its closing price on previous day. Taking a look at stock we notice that its last check on previous day was $1.68 with its price kept floating in […]

nio Chinese electric ev car maker

NIO long term hold China Pledges to Keep Up Support for Auto Sales, Used-Car Market – NIO Authorities on Thursday also pledged to look at measures to facilitate the trade and circulation of used cars. Overall car ownership levels are still low in China versus developed markets like the US and Australia and the nation […]