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Velo 3d is a manufacturing technology company making 3d printing solutions for high-value applications allowing our innovative customers to disrupt their industries in aerospace and energy and in a semiconductor. On July 12, announced that Pratt & Whitney, a Raytheon Technologies business, has acquired an end-to-end solution from Velo3D to examine the Sapphire printer for manufacturing production of jet engine components. There is no reason why VLD can’t break its all-time highs of over $13.50 this year! If the market was not in a downturn this would be trading at $50.00 on the Pratt & Whitney news alone. By 2024 VLD stock should be trading over $100.00 easy! WHY? Musk wants to build 800 to 1,000 Raptor engines per year and Pratt & Whitney sells 1900 parts a day and services over 13,000 engines while attending to over 10,000 customer request phone calls a month! Just these two contracts alone are worth several billion per year!

Let’s not forget Benny Buller said the end game for VELO-3D will be in manufacturing nuclear Fusion reactors which they have not even scratched the surface off. Also how many companies will they acquire a stake in. VLD revenue has surged by 96% YoY and by 18% QoQ. SEC Form 424B3 filed by Velo3D Inc.

I have VLD Stock at $10.00 this year alone if the good news continues to come. As you can see from above the 3-month chart is looking beautiful. At $3.40 we have clear skies to $6.30 and over $10.00. What do you think? Are you buying, adding, or adding Option Calls and seeing how far we go before Shorts start to attack this stock.  

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