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In the next 72 hours leading we have the Fed’s FOMC meeting taking place Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday the main rate hike will be announced.  Everyone expects .75 to 1% rate hike.  Then we have the GDP for Q2 formally out as well. We have an exceptionally hectic earnings week probably one of the most crucial week of this whole revenues season.

See below of the earnings chart for the Week. As well of what I will be looking for please continue to read below.

Atlanta fed’s calculator is still forecasting a tightening for q2 now negative 1.6 percent so chances are leaning because instructions we’ll see what in fact happens.  

Desire to understand what is happening with the United States Consumer? Please keep in mind Consumer spending comprises 70% of GDP. See Chipotle, Etsy, Boot Barn, Wingstop and Facebook AKA Meta they report this week. $CMG $ETSY $BOOT $WING $META.

Yes Yellen is still minimizing United States economic downturn worries. The U.S. Treasury Secretary said on Sunday that the economic situation is slowing; however, the labor market continues to be strong. In addition, she noted that the recent development stagnation is “essential and ideal” offered its fast rate in 2021 and record-high inflation. The comments come ahead of the Federal Book’s price choice on Wednesday, and a variety of other economic data points, like a preliminary read of Q2 GDP


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