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Why AMC’s Stock May Be headed For Higher Prices

AMC Theatres is a publicly traded company with a current market capitalization of over $3.36 billion. The company’s fundamentals are strong, with a history of profitability and a solid balance sheet. AMC Theatres is a great investment for investors looking for stability and growth potential in the entertainment sector. Food and beverage, advertising, private label credit card program, gift certificates and gift cards, movie tickets and merchandise, website operations, and corporate overhead.

IMAX and 3D Movies

Technological advancements in the movie industry could lead to higher prices for AMC’s stock. For example, the introduction of IMAX and 3D movies has resulted in higher ticket prices. In addition, the adoption of premium format screens by AMC and other exhibitors has also contributed to higher ticket prices.

IMAX Company (NYSE: IMAX) and Saudi Cinema Company, operating as AMC Cinemas, introduced strategies to further increase their historical partnership with an arrangement for six new, advanced IMAX ® with Laser systems in essential entertainment throughout the country. IMAX and AMC Cinemas currently have three locations in operation in Saudi Arabia, and also the brand-new deal will expand their collaboration to an intended 18 displays in 12 cities throughout the country.

How big is the Entertainment Industry in the United States

The entertainment industry in the United States is a large and burgeoning sector of the economy. In 2016, the industry was worth an estimated $711 billion, Total revenue in the Entertainment segment is projected to reach US$29.35bn in 2022. The industry includes a wide range of businesses, from film and television production to music and live theater.

The entertainment industry directly employs Millions in the United States, and it indirectly supports many more jobs in related industries. It is also a major contributor to the US economy, generating billions of dollars in tax revenue each year.

More Importantly, the entertainment sector is as Americana as Apple Pie.

Retail Investors & Adam Aron

So now that AMC Theatres is past the Pandemic side effects, and this is in large part due to Retail Investors buying up the stock price and continuing to hold even after all the shorting of the stock and Retail Investor’s trust and belief in the leadership of the CEO Adam Aron. With Adam at the helm, AMC has expanded its operations and increased its profits. Adam Aron started a Social Media Movement & is always listening to ideas from the large Retail stockholder following. With that in mind, I believe AMC Stock is a buy. Where do I think the price can go? Well based on just AMC fundamentals & strong shareholder following I believe we can see $50 to $100 a share in the future.

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC) is a holding company, which engages in the exhibition of theatrical motion pictures. It operates through the following segments: U.S. Theatres, International Theatres, and Others. The U.S. Theatres segment owns, operates, or has interests in theatres located in the United States. The International Theatres segment owns, operates, or has interests in theatres located outside of the United States. The Other segment includes AMC Theatres (NYSE: AMC) is the largest movie theater chain in the world, with more than 850 locations across the United States and over 250 theaters in other countries. The company was founded on January 30, 1920, and is headquartered in Leawood, KS

Amazon Investing $1 Billion in Movies intends to invest $1 billion a year in movie releases. The tech company intends to make between 12 to 15 films for cinema each year, as Bloomberg reported. Amazon has actually grown its investments in original material over the years with its Prime Video streaming system, as well as its movie and TV workshops. The company invested $13 billion on material for its video clip and also music streaming solutions in 2015, up from $11 billion in 2020, as it seeks to remain affordable in the crowded media landscape.


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